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Sugar is NOT the way to go if you want sustainable energy.

That is why Zoost Energy Boost works in a unique way to give you the energy you need to perform at your best, without the negative effects of sugar.


(1 x 60 capsule bottle)


The no-sugar energy boost you need.

Why should I not use sugar for energy?

Sugar causes the blood sugar to spike up, and then come tumbling down a while later. Yup – the dreaded sugar crash.

This is no good when you want sustained energy to get you through the day whether is for studying, working or sport & exercise.

Not to mention that it can be dangerous to your health as constant blood sugar fluctuations are the perfect way to develop type-2 diabetes and other health issues.

What makes Zoost Energy Boost so great?

Well to start off, it doesn’t use sugar to give you energy.

Instead, it uses a mixture of magnesium citrate, L-carnitine, and Guarana extract to help you perform at your best.

So rather than just pumping loads of sugar into the bloodstream, Zoost Energy Boost works inside the muscle cells using its metabolic function to prevent muscle fatigue, and also uses fatty acids from the body’s fat stores to burn as energy.

Add to this the “WAKE-UP” feeling and metabolic boost you get from the Guarana extract, and you have yourself a super potent energy booster that can keep you going… and going!

And the best part? No sugar crashes or slumps to bring you down.


What do the ingredients do?

L-Carnitine / Magnesium citrate blend –

L-Carnitine enhances physical performance during exercise due to its metabolic functions in the muscle cells.

The L-Carnitine mobilizes fatty acids, moving them from your body’s fat storage into your muscles to undergo oxidation in order to break them down for energy during exercise.

When we combine the L-Carnitine with magnesium citrate, it can improve exercise capacity and capability.

As an added benefit, it is also a great combination for people with peripheral artery disease, diabetic neuropathy, sexual dysfunctions, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Guarana extract –

Guarana contains a high amount of guaranine, a chemical substance with the same characteristics as caffeine. This makes Guarana a stimulant similar to coffee, which means that it:

  • Quickens response & perceptions
  • Delays sleep
  • Improves endurance
  • Can help speed up recovery from a hangover


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