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Pure Mesquite is exactly what the name says – 100% pure organic mesquite powder.

It is proudly South-African and wild-harvested in the Karoo. Oh, and it is USDA Organic Certified!

What is exactly is Pure Mesquite?

This amazing superfood is a pod that grows on a thorn tree (Yes, a thorn tree!) and the species we use predominantly grows in the Northern Cape province, as well as the Free State, and southern parts of Namibia.

They are invasive alien trees, originally from South America, and the production of Pure Mesquite helps to stop the spread of these trees that are lapping up the much-needed water in this arid part of the country – and as a bonus, we get to give you the amazing product called Pure Mesquite.

What are the benefits of Pure Mesquite?

It is highly nutritious and rich in lysine, manganese, iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, fibre, and protein – Yes, that’s a mouthful! What this means is that Pure Mesquite is amazing for balancing blood sugar as regulating blood pressure, it helps improve digestion and digestive health, and it also boosts the immune system Pure Mesquite can be used as a sweetening agent (That does not cause the blood sugar to rise!), a flour substitute, or a beneficial ingredient in healthy foods, snacks, or drinks.

It is organic, vegan, and can be used for everything from smoothies, to baking, to sprinkling over your favourite bowl of porridge – the only limit to its uses is your imagination.

Pure Mesquite is also free of any:

Gluten, Dairy, lactose, wheat, soy, corn, eggs, yeast, sugar, artificial flavours, preservatives, colourants, or GMO ingredients.