Join as a Zoost Sales Agent

Help people live healthier – and get paid to do it. 

One thing to understand right from the start is that this is not some multi-level-thing or get-rich-quick scheme, you simply buy products at wholesale, and sell at retail.

Who can join as a Zoost Sales Agent?

Anyone 18 years and older can become a Zoost Sales Agent (ZSA). All you need is:

  • A passion for boosting the lives of family, friends, and the community around you.
  • A genuine interest in health and wellness.
  • A good knowledge of Zoost products (We’ll help you with this)
  • People skills – you can talk to anyone about anything.

If the above describes you, you could be starting your very own business right NOW.

How does it work?

  • We give you your own personal 35% discount coupon code that you use when placing orders on the Zoost Online Store – which offers you the products at a wholesale price.
  • Take orders from your customers, and buy the products online on the Zoost Online Store using your code.
  • Resell them at the Recommended Retail Price – putting the profit straight into your pocket!
  • You don’t have to carry stock – You can order online as per your customers’ needs, thus eliminating the need for you to carry any stock.
  • You can sell anywhere you want, no area restrictions.
  • Be your own boss – Work your own hours – Determine your own income.
  • Make 35% pure profit on each product you sell.

Start your own business by becoming a Zoost Sales Agent

  • Start your own business for only R 1150 (Full Starter Pack which includes delivery)
  • Sell Zoost Products to friends, relatives, and anybody you know or meet at the recommended retail price – helping them live healthier, active lives.
  • Easy to sell – Simply use the Zoost products yourself and tell people about the health benefits and what the products do for you. Word of mouth is the strongest form of marketing.

To be part of this awesome no-brainer business, click on the “Join Now” button below.


To join as a Zoost Sales Agent, simply go purchase the Starter Pack by clicking “Join Now” below.

*NOTE: This opportunity is currently only available in South Africa.